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Sustainable Aviation – A Management Perspective

Sustainable Aviation – How does the sustainability transformation of aviation succeed?

From Insight to Impact – True to the HSG motto, a team of Master’s students and researchers from the Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC) and the Institute for Economy and Environment (IWOE) spent two years working on the sustainability transformation of aviation. As a result of the research project, the book “Sustainable Aviation – A Management Perspective” was published at the end of February.

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Judith Walls, Full Professor for Sustainability Management and Dr. Andreas Wittmer, Permanent Lecturer for Aviation, as well as several (post-)doctoral students, a total of 7 master students from different study programs initially wrote their master thesis on different sub-areas of “Sustainable Aviation”. Through different qualitative and quantitative research approaches, a very comprehensive knowledge base was created. In a next step, the academic work was then processed into nine informative book chapters for readers from the field, which provide a comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Aviation.

The project is an excellent example of cross-institutional and cross-industry collaboration at the HSG, as well as the curiosity, commitment and competence of the students at the University of St. Gallen. We aim to concretely contribute to problem solving of a complex challenge of a key global industry by bridging the gap between academia and various stakeholders from the field and identifying possible solutions. The entire project was completely self-financed, but accompanied by companies from the practice and represents in its unique form a valuable contribution to practice-relevant teaching.

The book has been published by Springer

The project team:

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls, Editor

Dr. Andreas Wittmer, Editor

Dr. Alexander Stauch, Co-Project Lead

Adrian Müller, M.A., Co- Project Lead

Philipp Gunziger, M.A.

Juliette Kettler, M.A.

Ivan Vuckovic, M.A.

Nadine Zumsteg, M.A.

Author: Zsuzsa Borsa

Date: 17. March 2022