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Just published: Dynamics of social Acceptance of renewable Energy – an Energy Policy Special Issue

An introduction to the concept by ⁦‪@gellis23 ⁦‪@NinaMarxgut ⁦‪@wuestenhagen featuring many of the ⁦‪@ItnMistral⁩ researchers. MISTRAL (Multi-sectoral approaches to Innovative Skills Training for Renewable energy & sociAL acceptance) trains a new generation of researchers who evaluate the complexity of social acceptance issues facing the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure, and propose innovative solutions in a variety of research, government and business contexts.

A step change is needed in the deployment of renewable energy if the triple challenge of ensuring climate change mitigation, energy security, and energy affordability is to be met. Yet, social acceptance of infrastructure projects and policies remains a key concern. While there has been decades of fruitful research on the social acceptance of wind energy and other renewables, much of the extant research is cross-sectional in nature, failing to capture the important dynamic processes that can make or break renewable energy projects. This paper introduces a Special Issue of Energy Policy which focusses on the neglected topic of the dynamics of social acceptance of renewable energy, drawing on contributions made at an international research conference held in St. Gallen (Switzerland) in June 2022. In addition to introducing these papers and drawing out common themes, we also seek to offer some conceptual clarity on the issue of dynamics in social acceptance, taking into account the influence of time, power, and scale in shaping decision-making processes. We conclude by highlighting a number of avenues of potential future research.

Author: Doris Hoevel

Date: 17. July 2023