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IHKtalk@HSG: CSR regional und global

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls discussing about sustainability with an emphasis on the East Switzerland region, with Roland Scherer and Katharina Lehmann.


Sustainability in supply chains

It has become increasingly important that businesses adhere to sustainable practices within their supply chains. An interview with Dr. Miron Avidan, Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG).


Es müssen alle etwas beitragen

Appenzell-Innerrhoden ist bei der Solarenergie führend, dennoch brauche es die Windnutzung, sagt Experte Rolf Wüstenhagen im Appenzeller Tagblatt


Volle Teller trotz Dürren, Fluten und Stürmen – Symposium St.Gallen

Immer mehr Menschen mit weniger Land satt bekommen, und dies nachhaltig und verantwortungsvoll – Ideen dazu lieferte eine Runde aus Expertinnen und Experten am Symposium St.Gallen.


An Impact Conversation With Judith Walls and Garima Sharma

In the video channel of the Impact Scholar Community Judith Walls (HSG-IWÖ) and  Garima Sharma (Georgia State University) reflect on how the impact landscape has changed for junior and senior scholars over the last decades. Both acknowledge that junior scholars, who used to only focus on publications, are now keen to make a real-life impact.


Unternehmen müssen bei Nachhaltigkeit umdenken!

Die Kosten des Nichtstuns können für Unternehmen hoch sein. Dr. Tabea Bereuther von der HSG weiss: "Nachhaltigkeit ist ein Treiber von Innovationen". Lesen Sie hier das ganze Interview über die HSG-Studie: St.Galler Tagblatt - 23.04.2021


Food research at the HSG: “Food consumption in the 21st century”

Although many companies are committed to sustainability, environmental and social crises are advancing. This is partly because many companies' strategies tend to view sustainability as a means to an end of financial success. The Truly Sustainable Strategies approach, on the other hand, places the addressing of existing sustainability challenges at the center of corporate action. Dr. Tabea Bereuther from theHSG Institute for Economy and the Environment at the HSG has taken a closer look at these strategies in her dissertation


Food research at the HSG: “Food consumption in the 21st century”

An overview of food research at the HSG featuring many scholars including Prof. Dr. Judith Walls and Dr. des. Tabea Bereuther from the IWÖ.


Should we let business lead the way towards sustainability?

Instead of viewing freedom as a free pass to ‘do whatever we want’ without considering the consequence of our actions, climate change challenges us to shift our perspective to become more inclusive, argues Prof Judith Walls in her topic brief for the 50th St. Gallen Symposium

Behavioural Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation

And interview with #REMforum speaker Prof. Charlie Wilson on Swiss National Radio.