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Mediacoverage Overview


Food research at the HSG: “Food consumption in the 21st century”

An overview of food research at the HSG featuring many scholars including Prof. Dr. Judith Walls and Dr. des. Tabea Bereuther from the IWÖ.


Should we let business lead the way towards sustainability?

Instead of viewing freedom as a free pass to ‘do whatever we want’ without considering the consequence of our actions, climate change challenges us to shift our perspective to become more inclusive, argues Prof Judith Walls in her topic brief for the 50th St. Gallen Symposium

Behavioural Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation

And interview with #REMforum speaker Prof. Charlie Wilson on Swiss National Radio.


Climate Change, Biodiversity and COVID

Connection between climate change, biodiversity loss and the corona pandemic


Sustainability Leaders

Judith Walls on Sustainability Leadership, Business Challenges and the Tourism Dilemma

Social Acceptance of Alpine Solar Power

Tagesanzeiger reports on a study by IWÖ researchers Pascal Vuichard, Alexander Stauch and Rolf Wüstenhagen.

Climate Strike Movement and Covid-19

St.Gallen Tagblatt article about the outlook for the climate movement in times of a pandemic featuring Rolf Wüstenhagen.