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Regulations & Frequently Asked Questions about MaCS (FAQ)

Provisions of the university of St.Gallen regarding admission and studies for MaCS:

Here you find a set of frequently asked questions about the MaCS certificate and the corresponding answers.

These FAQs are meant to serve merely as guidance and consequently have no legal merit. They can also be subject to amendments.

Date of last changes: 19th of April 2022

1. Application

Do I have to be admitted to the main master programme before I can apply for the MaCS certificate?

You can apply before you have received the admission decision from your main master programme. We will check internally whether you are admitted to the main master programme, before the admission decision for the MaCS certificate is taken.

I have already started my master programme at University of St. Gallen. Am I still allowed to apply for the MaCS certificate?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the MaCS certificate when you already completed parts of your master programme. The maximum study duration on the master level however cannot be exceeded despite the certificate.


I recently graduated from a master programme at the University of St. Gallen. Can I still apply for the MaCS certificate?

MaCS is mainly designed for students enrolled in the certificate parallel to their master programme. However, the MaCS certificate allows applications from students who already graduated from their master programme. Note that the regular semester fees still apply and physical attendance is mandatory for the core courses.


I am about to exceed the maximum study duration for my master programme, but I would be interested to do the MaCS certificate. Can I still apply?

Here we cite official regulation by the University of St. Gallen (Limits on number of semesters, Explanatory provisions and transitional regulations Resolution of the President’s Board of 4 October 2011):

Supplementary courses: students who complete a supplementary course usually do so within the framework of a main degree course. The maximum number of semesters allowed for supplementary courses is therefore identical with the number of semesters allowed to students for programmes at the level concerned.”

and further

“Students who use up the maximum number of semesters for their main degree course without graduation will also be barred from supplementary courses.

and further

The Dean of Studies is entitled to increase the number of semesters for supplementary courses by a maximum of 2 semesters, beyond which no extension is possible.”

2. Studying MaCS

Do additional fees apply for studying the MaCS certificate?

No, there are no additional fees for the MaCS certificate. You have to pay the regular semester fees of the University of St. Gallen.


Do we receive an extra budget of bidding points for the MaCS courses?

Yes, you will receive separate budgets for the MaCS certificate and your main master programme. Note however, that courses that count for the MaCS certificate and your main master programme will reduce your bidding point for both accounts. For the MaCS core courses you don’t have to bid with bidding points, as you have a guaranteed spot for the core courses if you are admitted to the MaCS certificate.


I took some of the MaCS elective courses already earlier in my master programme. Can I count them for the MaCS certificate?

Yes, if the course is the exact same (same course name, same course number), you can count the course also for the MaCS certificate.


I am considering to study one semester abroad. Do I have to be physically present in the MaCS core courses?

Yes, the core courses require physical presence.


I studied one semester abroad and took some courses that addressed climate solutions. Can I accredit those courses for the MaCS electives?
Based on individual requests to the programme management and the Admissions and Crediting Office of the university, credit points from courses abroad can be considered for the electives up to a maximum of 8 ECTS if they fit the scope of the MaCS certificate.


Can I accredit the MaCS core courses for my main master programme?

No, this is not possible. The core courses can only be accredited for the MaCS certificate.


I was successfully admitted to the MaCS certificate programme. Can I wait with taking the core courses for one year or longer?

If you are admitted to the MaCS certificate, you have to take the first core course in the first fall semester and the second core course in the following spring semester. The elective courses can be taken based on your own schedule.

3. Graduation

I am about to finish my main master programme. Can I graduate from my main master programme before completing all requirements for the MaCS certificate?

Yes, you can graduate from your main master programme, if you have fulfilled all respective requirements. You can still finish the MaCS certificate after graduation. Note, that you still have to pay the regular semester fees as long as you take courses (also for MaCS courses).


I completed all requirements for the MaCS certificate, but not yet for my main master programme. Can I receive the MaCS certificate already?

The MaCS certificate is only valid with a completed master degree. Certificates will therefore only be issued once the main master degree is completed.


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